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IMMIGRATION ALERT: Venezuelan citizens with PTP in process will be able to accede to a provisional w

Venezuelan citizens who have applied for the Temporary Permit of Permanence (PTP) will be able to obtain the Extraordinary Work Permit Act online, which will allow them to work formally until the completion of that procedure, the National Migration Superintendence reported today.

Through Resolution of Superintendence N° 0000165-2018-MIGRACIONES - which will come into force on May 21 - states that the act enables Venezuelan citizens to perform activities that generates income in a subordinate or independent manner, for a period of 60 calendar days, susceptible of automatic extension, until the completion of the procedure for granting the Temporary Permit of Permanence - PTP. After this, the issued act will have no effect.

The purpose of this act is to allow Venezuelan citizens to work formally while getting the documents required to process the PTP, some of which may be delayed because they depend on other institutions- such as the communication issued by INTERPOL of not registering international arrest warrant.

To obtain the Extraordinary Work Permit Act, Venezuelan citizens who have their PTP application in process must enter the institutional website and generate the permit online for free. Its validity can be verified in the same web.

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