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Exodus of Venezuelans to Peru: Government does not rule out visa for migrants

Foreign Minister Néstor Popolizio announced that a meeting of immigration authorities will be held in Peru in the first half of June.

In little more than two years, the exodus of Venezuelans who emigrate from their country has reached levels never seen before. Thus, according to Foreign Minister, there are more than 1.5 million Venezuelans living in 9 countries of the region "without counting those where they have migrated."

During his presentation at the Foreign Affairs Committee in Congress, Popolizio recalled that, in the framework of establishing a possible quota of migrants, there are other countries that have already taken measures. He gave as an example Colombia where, after the entry of more than 800 thousand Venezuelans after the crisis in that country, they have set up a visa system to cross Colombian borders.

"We consider that the aspect of solidarity of Peru should continue but we are going to take the actions, as we have been doing with the Ministry of the Interior, to monitor delinquency problems or that can disturb the order," he said.

"What we are going to require is to deal with the issue from another bilateral point of view since a regional approach is needed. We have offered Peru a meeting of immigration authorities in the first half of June as it is an urgent matter that has links with public health aspects, "he added. At another point, he said that one aspect of that meeting will be to assess at what level the immigration authorities can have a regional consensus to establish quotas.

When asked if a visa system will be established in Peru, Popolizio said that "we have not decided yet. That may be one of the alternatives but it is not decided. "


Source: Diario Gestión

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