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New Immigration Control Post on the border with Bolivia: SHIRINGAYOC

Foto de: Radio Titanka

The department of Madre de Dios has the Border Control Post of Iñapari, the Migratory Fluvial Control Post of Madre de Dios River and the Immigration Control Post at the Padre Aldamiz International Airport, however, to strengthen the immigration control in the border with Bolivia the National Superintendence of Migraciones has arranged the creation of a new Border Control Post: SHIRINGAYOC.

Likewise, the Photographic and Fingerprint Register of foreigners who daily enter the country through the Control Post of IÑAPARI, has been activated to reinforce the immigration control with our neighboring country, Brazil.

In use of its faculties and to promote tourism, the regular entry and exit of people through this border, as well as to prevent illegal activities, the National Superintendence of Migraciones has activated nine other border control posts in the last two years along our borders and one in particular in the department of Tumbes, which has the largest influx of foreigners entering by land to Peruvian territory.


Source: Superintendencia Nacional de Migraciones; Diario El Comercio.

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