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Suggestions for Traveling on Christmas and New Year's Holidays

Are you traveling outside Peru for Holidays?

AOV Abogados suggest you consider these recommendations.

If you are Peruvian or foreigner and you have planned to travel outside Peru for the end of the year holidays - or those minors who do it for school trip - you should consider, the following recommendations to avoid any inconvenience before travelling.

If you are a foreign citizen and you have a Change of Immigration Process in progress, you must request an Exit and Re-Entry Authorization -or Special Travel Permit- (AEP in Spanish). This way you can travel outside Peru while the evaluation of your process is ongoing and avoid it being void!

Be careful! If you are a foreign resident in Peru, you should avoid going on a trip with the expired residence, this would cause you to lose it. Avoid problems and start the renewal process before traveling, and in case the date of your trip is closed, request an AEP and you will travel safe!

Always check the expiration date of your passport. You will avoid problems when entering the country of destination and even on the airline to board the flight.

If you are a Peruvian citizen, you can travel without problems with your conventional passport, in case you still do not have the electronic one, as long as it is valid. But in case you have forgotten or lost it on your way to the airport, be careful! MIGRACIONES has an office to process emergency passports on the first floor of the Jorge Chávez International Airport. You just must have your boarding pass and present yourself with due anticipation.

Remember, if you are a tutor of a school or you are accompanying a minor to a trip abroad, a Notarial Authorization will be required in case the minor travels alone or in the company of one of the parents. Important: If this permit isn’t shown the minor will not be allowed to board the flight!

If you are a Peruvian citizen, remember that now it is not necessary to complete the "Andean Card" form because now the "Virtual TAM" exists automatically and you can also use the E-Gates at the airport, recently implemented. Now going through immigration controls is faster, easier and safer!



December 2018

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