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Suggestions for Travelers

It is established that foreigners who wish to enter and/or exit the Peruvian territory must have a passport validly issued and with a minimum validity of 06 months counted from their entry to the country.

If you travel to Peru,


Your passport must have a minimum of 6 months

of validity.

Subsection a) of Article 24 of the Regulations of the Peruvian Immigration Law.


Citizens from the member countries of MERCOSUR and the Andean Community can also enter Peru with a valid identity card instead of their passport if they wish.

This provision has been timely communicated to the International Air Transport Association-IATA and the airlines.


¡Make sure that the validity of your passport is not less than six months and avoid inconveniences in your entry or exit from Peru!


AOV Abogados

Enero 2019

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