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Special Resident Immigration Status: How and when does it proceed?


The Special Immigration Status, indicated in a general way in MIGRACIONES' Law and on its regulation, is justified in an exceptional, subsidiary and residual treatment by the Immigration Authorities.

It is granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the cases of international speakers at official events, official delegates in non-profit sports competitions; artists, athletes and non-profit personalities or with philanthropic zeal; and for those foreigners whose stay in the national territory is of interest to the Peruvian State.

While, in other cases, it is granted by MIGRACIONES. One of these situations is the one of Venezuelan Citizens with Temporary Permit of Permanence - PTP.

By Resolution of Superintendence No. 043-2018-MIGRATIONS dated January 30, 2018, the Directive "Guidelines for Obtaining Resident Special Migratory Quality for Persons of Venezuelan Nationality with Temporary Permanence Permit" was approved.

In which cases the Special Resident immigration status can be requested?

The Resident Special immigration status applies to the beneficiaries of the PTP, after one (01) year of permanence in Peru with that temporary permit having fulfilled the conditions established for residents in Peru

When must the Special Resident immigration status be requested?

The application for Resident Special Immigration status must be submitted within thirty (30) calendar days prior to the expiration of the granted PTP.

¿Cuáles son las condiciones para obtener la Calidad Migratoria Residente Especial?

The following conditions must be met to be eligible:

  • Do not have criminal, judicial and police records at national or international level.

  • Not having been absent from national territory for more than 183 consecutive or alternate days as a beneficiary of the PTP, within a period of 365 days.

  • Report on the activities that have been carried out in the country during the validity of the PTP, with the support documentation.

  • If applicable, have paid the debt originated by the fractionation of the fee to obtain the PTP.

What are the requirements to obtain the Special Resident immigration status?

  • Application Letter according to MIGRACIONES model.

  • Simple copy of the passport or valid identity card.

  • Criminal, Judicial and Police records at national level.

  • Sworn statement not to register criminal, judicial and police records at international level or in INTERPOL and not to be in any cause of inadmissibility.

  • Documentation that accredits the activities that are developed in the country (work, studies, or others).

For how long is the Special Resident immigration status granted?

The special resident immigration status is granted for a period of one (01) year, extendable for the same term.


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