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Nationality Law: Qualified athletes may become Peruvian by Naturalization

Law No. 26574, Peruvian Nationality Law, has as object the regulation of the legal, political and social ties concerning Peruvian nationality, in accordance with the precepts of the Political Constitution and the Treaties celebrated by the State, that are in force.

This legal norm in its Third Article establishes the cases and requirements that a foreign citizen must be complied to obtain citizenship by naturalization.

Based on this, by Law No. 30941 published on May 3rd, 2019 in the Official Gazette El Peruano, the numeral 3 is added to Third Article of Law No. 26574, the Nationality Law, extending to three cases in which Foreign citizens can obtain Peruvian nationality by naturalization.

What does this modification provide?

This amendment provides that the (i) qualified athletes (ii) of foreign origin who (iii) reside in Peru (iv) that express their will to be Peruvian and (v) their will to represent Peru in official sporting events, may apply to the Peruvian nationality by naturalization.


What are the basic conditions for them

to access to nationalization?

Qualified athletes can access nationalization by naturalization if:

- They reside inside the Peruvian territory.

- Express their will to be Peruvian.

- Express their will to represent Peru in official sporting events.

In these cases, the Peruvian Sports Institute (IPD) will submit the proposal to the Executive Power, which may confer Peruvian citizenship by supreme resolution.


About the Regulation

The Ministry of the Internal Affairs shall adapt the Regulations of Law N ° 26574, the Nationality Law, to the provisions of this modification within sixty (60) business days, counted from the entry in force of this regulation.

In this regulation, the concept of "qualified athlete" must be specified, how long must the foreigner have lived in Peru, among other related aspects to be clarified about the legal norm under comment.


AOV Abogados

June 2019

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