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Changes on the Residence Authorization Renewal Procedure

The National Superintendence of Immigration- MIGRACIONES, has arranged to modify the procedure of renewal of Residence Authorization with respect to the requirement of the presence of the foreign national.

What has been modified?

Since July 10th of this year, all applications for renewal of the residence authorization require the physical presence of the resident national, in person, in the office of the Peruvian Immigration Authority (MIGRACIONES).

How will this be applied to Resident Workers and their resident family members?

First of all, it will be necessary that the foreign nationals are inside of Peru and that the files are submitted within sixty (60) calendar days before the expiration of their residence authorizations.

To request the renewal of the residence authorization, an appointment must be scheduled before the Peruvian Immigration Authority. On the day of the appointment, the extension file will be submitted, and from that day, between 5-7 business days will be counted for its approval, if there were no observations from MIGRACIONES.

What happens in case of having an expired residence?

In accordance with MIGRACIONES' regulations, the foreigner who has his or her expired residence permit, may request for evaluation the extensions/renewals of residence authorizations for the periods that have not complied with carrying out the aforementioned procedure, as long as he/she has not left Peru with the expired residence.

Any additional data to take into consideration?

Any observation regarding any missing requirement may be corrected within two (2) days.

Like in the case of residence authorization renewal, the renewal of the permanence authorization may only be requested when the beneficiary is within the Peruvian territory.

In the case of minors, this procedure may be started through their parents or guardians.

Finally, in the case of persons of legal age with a disability that prevents them from expressing their will in an unquestionable manner, applications may be submitted through their legal representative.



July 2019

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