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IMMIGRATION ALERT | MIGRACIONES restarts its activities

On Friday, May 29th, 2020, by Superintendency Resolution No. 000131-2020-MIGRACIONES, it was established that the “Virtual Agency for MIGRACIONES”, will be soon created, since it was currently being implemented and will be operational as of on Wednesday June 3, 2020, through its web portal:

About the legal norma under comment:

  • The "Virtual Reception Desk of MIGRACIONES" has been created, which will function through the "Virtual Agency for MIGRACIONES", starting its activities on the date indicated above, as established in the aforementioned Resolution.

  • The Peruvian Immigration Authority has approved a list of administrative procedures and services detailed in the Annex below, to be addressed through the "Virtual Agency for MIGRACIONES" Platform, and the aforementioned list may be modified, according to the technical-operational needs of the referred entity.

  • It has been established that the procedures initiated in person and that to date are pending of attention, will be processed virtually, for which it can be notified through the electronic mailbox created for this purpose and/or through the e-mail provided by those administered in the submission form.

  • On the other hand, it has been determined that the presentation of requirements for administrative procedures and services will be carried out through the "Virtual Agency for MIGRACIONES" Platform, as well as the documents to rectify the observations that may be generated in its processing.

  • It has been further provided that requirement of fingerprints in the processing of procedures and services be deferred, empowering the competent bodies to carry out the capture thereof, once the circumstances caused by the spread of COVID-19 have been overcome.

  • It has also provided for the restart of the terms of the suspended procedures in accordance with the provisions of the Second Final Complementary Provision of Emergency Decree No. 026-2020 and article 28 of Emergency Decree No. 029-2020, as well as for extensions. of both DUs, by virtue of the provisions of number 12.2 of article 12 of the Emergency Decree No. 053-2020, as well as the services that are linked according to the following detail:

a) Change of Immigration Status / In-country Process - Post arrival.

b) Residence Authorization Renewal.

c) Special Travel Permit.

d) Permit to Sign Contracts.

e) Work Permit (students and religious)

f) Payment and exemption from the Annual Foreigner Fee - TAE.

g) Administrative resources (Change of Immigration Status / In- country Process - Post arrival and Residence Authorization Renewal).

  • Additionally, it is provided that, in exceptional situations related to the measures established by the Peruvian State derived from the serious circumstances that affect the life of the Nation by COVID-19, the Visa Application (Obtainment of Visa) procedure is processed, as well as services that are related to it or to international transit.

  • The suspension of the aforementioned procedures and services will be lifted the same day that the “Virtual Agency for MIGRACIONES” Platform begins activities.

  • In this sense, it will be possible to initiate all the immigration procedures that were scheduled, which, however, could not be carried out due to the entry into force of the State of National Emergency, as well as the immigration procedures that are required and are pending.

  • Consequently, the restart of the terms of the suspended procedures is established, which will be lifted the same day that the Virtual Agency for MIGRACIONES” Platform begins activities.

  • Through the aforementioned platform, the following procedures may be carried out to regularize the status of the procedures, as indicated in the Annex:

1. Change of Immigration Status / In-country Process - Post arrival.

2. Residence Authorization Renewal.

3. Special Travel Permit.

4. Permit to Sign Contracts. (Turists and Students)

5. Registration in the Central Register of Foreigners and Issuance of the Foreign Card.

6. Duplicate of Foreign Card.

7. Modification of Information in the Central Register of Foreigners

8. Immigration Records

9. Duplicate of the Temporary Residence Permit - PTP

10. Refund of Payments

11. Among others.

* Annex to Superintendency Resolution No. 000131-2020-MIGRATIONS.



June 2020

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