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IMMIGRATION ALERT: MIGRACIONES will restart their activities online

According to the Press Release published today on its website, the Peruvian Immigration Authority has indicated that it will allow more than fifteen procedures and online services to be carried out for Peruvian and foreign citizens, who require it, from Wednesday, June 3rd of the current year.

Through this new "Virtual Migration Agency", it will be possible to carry out the face-to-face procedures that were pending of initiation or rescheduling due to the entry into force of the State of National Emergency and its several extensions.

Among the immigration procedures that will be enabled, it will be possible to carry out online the Change of Immigration Status, Extension of Residence, Special Travel Permit, Permit to Sign Contracts, Registration in the Central Registry of Immigration (RIM); as well as obtaining the Certificate of Immigration Records, Duplicate of the Temporary Permanence Permit - PTP and Return of Payments.

Likewise, this system will also have a Virtual Reception Desk and will serve to manage appointments and consultations online, among other services.

It should be noted that, as in face-to-face procedures, applicants must submit all the requirements needed for each procedure, as corresponds.

Stay tuned as we will soon publish a new AOVnews regarding Resolution No. 000131-2020, published today in the Official Gazette "El Peruano".



May 2020

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