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The Labor Commission approved a legislative project that extends the days of Paternity Leave from 4

On June 13, 2018, the Labor Commission of Congress approved a bill that extends the days of paternity leave granted to the working fathers, from 4 to 10 bussiness days; measure that would be applicable for public and private sectors.

The normative project must be ratified in the plenary session of the Congress and promulgated by the Executive Power to be able to become law and initiate its application.

The start of paternity leave would be counted, between the date of birth of baby and the date when the mother´s baby is discharged from the medical center. The employee will choose the start date, as it is currently applied.

The bill seeks to grant similar rights to those already existing in other countries of the region.

Do you want to know how paternity leave is regulated in other countries?

Source: Diario Gestión


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