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MIGRACIONES carries out the "white gear" process

MIGRACIONES carries out the "white gear" process for the activation of new E-Gates, for the upcoming 18th Panamerican Games 2019, based in Peru

The National Migration Superintendence-MIGRACIONES- develops the process of "marcha blanca" for the activation of twelve (12) electronic doors at the “Jorge Chávez International Airport”. The so-called E-Gates seek to expedite migration control, mainly of Peruvians, in a framework of facilitation and migratory security. These new equipment, in addition to the 6 already existing, will allow 45% of migratory control to be carried out in a few seconds, mentioned MIGRACIONES.


But how do they work?

To perform the migration control in the E-Gates, the passenger must bring their passport and boarding pass to the team that, after analyzing them, opens the door. After this, the person can enter the catwalk while is being captured of biometric data (photo and fingerprint).

With this information, the system performs electronic consultation of the respective databases and, in case of obtaining a negative response, issues an alert. If everything is in order, the exit door is opened, and the migration control process concludes in about 30 seconds, on average.

Since November 2016, when the first E-Gates were installed, more than 442 thousand Peruvian passengers with electronic or mechanized passports, as well as foreigners who previously registered their passports, carried out the migratory control of entry and exit of the country, automatically and in a time less than a minute.

As of Tuesday, July 17, 2018 when the 18 E-Gates are projected to be operating, it is expected that 9,000 passengers will use them daily; This figure will increase as passengers become more and more familiar with this technology.

The commissioning of this technology seeks to serve large volumes of passengers on high season dates as well as during international events, such as the upcoming 18th Panamerican Games 2019, based in Peru.


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