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Facilities for Members of the Polling Station Staff and Electors

Do you want to know the measures and facilities to be implemented by employers in the private sector due to the National Referendum 2018?

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1. Compensable Non-Working Day for members of the Polling Station staff

December 10th, 2018 has been declared as a non-working day of compensable nature for citizens who serve as polling station staff members .

2. Participation Certificate:

The employee who serves as a polling station staff members must present to the Employer the "Participation Certificate" of the 2018 National Referendum (issued by the ONPE) when returning to the work center.

3. Facilities to exercise the right to vote

The workers who provide services in geographical areas, different than their polling place and who participate in the upcoming elections, will not work on October, Friday 7th, Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th and Monday 10th of this year.

The way in which the non-worked days must recovered, will be established by agreement between employer and worker. In the absence of agreement, the employer will decide.

4. Tolerance Periods:

The employees who are not in the aforementioned case, whose working days match the day of the National Referendum 2018, are entitled to tolerance periods at entry or during the working day to exercise their right to vote.

The employees who act as polling station staff members , whose working days coincide with December 9th, 2018, are entitled to not attend their work center (non-working day of compensable nature).

Supreme Decree N° 013-2018-TR


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