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NEW OBLIGATIONS FOR THE EMPLOYER: Registry of Unpaid Child Support Deptors

On Saturday, February 2nd, 2019, the Official Gazette "El Peruano" published the Regulation of the Law that creates the “Registry of Unpaid Child Support Debtors” - Supreme Decree No. 008-2019- JUS-, legal norm through which new obligations are set for employers in the private sector.

Among the main obligations for the employers are the following:

  • The entities of the private sector must inform the applicants or workers who are “child support debtors”, about the importance of compliance with their alimentary obligations, and the possibility of agreeing to sign a "payroll discount authorization" or by other means of payment.

  • The office of Human Resources or the office that corresponds, must communicate to the "REDAM" (Registry of Unpaid Child Support Debtors) the discount authorization, within the period of 3 working days, after the authorization has been sign.

  • Employers, through their Human Resources offices or the office that corresponds, must verify every six months if their employees are registered in the “REDAM”, in order to encourage the subscription of discount authorizations.


Obligation in charge of the MTPE

The Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion, at the request of the Labor Judiciary Authority and within a period of 5 working days, sends the information of the “Electronic Form” that is relevant, in relation to the current labor contracts of the persons registered in the “REDAM”, with the purpose of communicating to the corresponding courts, in the term of the distance, so that they can proceed according to their attributions.



February 2019

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