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Labor incidences of the Law that promotes the use of bicycles

On April 24th, 2019, Law No. 30936 was published the on the Official Gazette "El Peruano", legal norm that establishes measures to promote and regulate the use of bicycles as a sustainable and efficient way of transportation for the preservation of the environment.

Do you want to know the

main labor aspects of Law No. 30396?

Measures to promote the use of bicycles for work centers:

1. Measures applicable to private and public sector employers:

Encourage employees to use the bicycle as a way of transportation to arrive to their workplace through measures such as:

  • Flexibility of the time of entry.

  • Days or free hours.

  • Facilitation of showers inside the work center.

  • Among others.

2. Measures applicable to public sector employees:

They will receive a free paid work day for every 60 times they certify having attended the work center by bicycle; for which, each institution of the public sector will formulate and implement the necessary measures for its development and certification.


Other relevant data to take into consideration...

Progressive implementation of parking for bicycles:

  • Public and private entities, within a period of no more than 3 years from the publication of this law, regardless of their regulation, will adapt their spaces for bicycle parking, in a proportion of 5% of the area they allocate to motor vehicles.

  • In the case of already existing buildings: the adaptation period will be 1 year as of the publication of this law.


June 3rd of every year has been declared as the "National Bicycle Day".

Regulation of the law under comment: The Executive Power within 120 working days following the publication of this law, will approve the corresponding Regulation.



April 2019

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